CAP 26 - Part 12 - Pokedex Poll

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This will be a Ranked Pairs vote (RP) (a form of voting where each candidate is ranked according to head to head matchups with each of its competitors in a directed acyclic graph), the details of which were discussed here.

This is a ranked vote: order does matter! You can upvote your favorites and downvote your least favorites. You may choose to rank as many or as few options as you like, but we encourage you to rank as many options as possible to ensure your preferences are taken into account.

Bold your votes and nothing else!
A typical vote might look like the following:
Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Third Most Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
CAP uses automated scripts to count votes. For this reason, it is very important for all ballots to be submitted correctly. If you do not compose a legal ballot, your post will be subject to moderation.
  • The scripts count bold words in ballots, so do NOT bold anything in your ballot other than the options you are voting for.
  • Do NOT put any formatting other than bold in your post.
  • Only one option per line.
  • The spelling of options must be EXACTLY correct and must match the spelling listed above.
  • Capitalization and spaces are ignored by the vote counting scripts, but you probably should not depend on it.
Composing a proper ballot is easy. Enter BBCode Edit Mode (the A in the upper right corner). Copy/paste the options directly from the OP to your ballot as plain unbolded text. Delete and/or rearrange the options to suit your preference and the poll type. Bold your vote text using bold tags or re-enter rich text mode, highlight your vote and click B. Spelling or formatting errors may spoil your ballot, so be careful!

Please post only your votes in this thread. Do not respond to other posts, or your posts will be moderated and you may be warned. You are allowed to say whatever you like in relation to your vote at the bottom of your post, but please do not look to begin a discussion. Keep those comments to the PS! CAP chatroom or the CAP Discord channel.

Asking for votes for your submission or for the submissions of others is not allowed. Anyone found to have done so risks punishment at the moderation team's discretion. If you find that someone has broken this rule, please contact the CAP moderation team with your evidence and no one else. Mini-moderation of this rule is also considered a serious offense and can be punished.


Final Submission

, the Balance Pokémon

Sun: Historical records of this Pokemon begin at the dawn of human civilization. It vanquishes those it deems unjust with divine rays of light.

Moon: It pries into the hearts of others with its true eye. Those who it considers righteous are spared from its wrath.

Ultra Sun: In some myths, it guarded the afterlife. It was said to only grant passage to those whose souls maintained balance against a single grain of sand.

Ultra Moon: A Pokemon that maintains order by any means necessary. All who oppose it are punished accordingly.
Equilibra, the Verdict Pokemon

Sun: Its judgment is said to be absolute. According to legends, it grew dissatisfied with the injustice of humanity and brought multiple ancient cities to ruin.

Moon: The true eye at the center of its body is able to see any living being's true intentions. It uses this power to provide objective judgment to those who request it.

Ultra Sun: Though calm when judging, it punishes wrongdoers with a vengeance. Scholars have attributed various ancient ruins to Equilibra's wrath, citing a metal alloy found only at those sites.

Ultra Moon: Its all-seeing eye allows it to make unclouded judgments. However, this same objectivity can make its actions appear needlessly cruel at times.
Equilibra, the Order Pokemon

Sun: Mentions of Equilibra can be traced back 20,000 years. It maintained the peace in troubled times.

Moon: With its unflinching eye, it is able to identify any criminal. It is said that it can see into a person's very soul.

Ultra Sun: It administers punishment to those that cause others harm. It does so without enjoyment.

Ultra Moon: Equilibra have a duty to protect the innocent. Judges trust their rulings without question.
The voting options are:


This poll will be open for 24 hours.
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